Caribou Gourmet Coffee at Tiki Hut Coffee

Dec 28 2016

Are you growing tired of the same tried and true gourmet coffee roasts? In the world of coffee, there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know at times, but eventually us coffee lovers must break out of our shells and try something new. Branching out for a new coffee can seem just as taxing, as it is stimulating, so consider this a point in the right direction; Caribous coffee is worth looking into to say the least. Here are three delicious multi-regional gourmet coffee blends that are sure to make the top of your coffee enthusiast list.

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend is as rejuvenating and inspiring as its name may imply. This multi-regional coffee has roots in both South America and East Africa. Hats off to Caribou, for brilliantly harnessing both noted unique flavors from each of these regions. Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend has the tangy and floral top notes that are most often associated with East African coffee beans, and a well-balanced and slightly nutty finish consistent with Latin American beans.

Caribou Blend possesses all the renowned qualities of this exceptional coffee company so much so, that they chose this blend to be their signature roast. This medium-bodied roast is nothing short of complex and sophisticated. Caribou blend is a compilation of coffee beans from Indonesia, Central, and South America. You can expect top notes with a heavy bittersweet cocoa and the essence of berries, coupled with an earthy and clean finish.

Caribou Mahogany Blend is like coming home to your favorite big, comfortable chair after a long day. This exquisite gourmet coffee is made of beans that originated in El Salvador and Sumatra. This dark roast coffee offers spicy herbal notes at its top layer, along with hints of floral, vanilla, semi-sweet cocoa, and molasses at its finishing point. This earthy blend has the tendency to envelop your taste buds in a rugged sense of comfort. Caribou is as equally passionate about sourcing responsibility as it is making gourmet coffee; this is why Caribou is a proud member of the Rainforest Alliance. For your convenience, these splendid Caribou blends are also available in Keurig K-Cups. K-Cups are compatible with any Keurig brewing system.

Tiki Hut Coffee carries a variety of gourmet coffees, including Caribou K-Cups. Now is the perfect time to visit Tiki Hut Coffee’s website, and broaden your coffee horizons with any one of these wonderful Caribou gourmet coffee blends.

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