Caribou K-Cups

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Caribou, Coffee

Caribou CoffeeHere at Tiki Hut we are  huge fans of Caribou Coffee.  In fact, last month we featured our Caribou Blend K Cups review not only because it is terrific, but because every morning when I make it I repeat their tag line "Life is Short, Stay Awake for it".  To me, it's one of the most clever reminders of why we drink coffee. But like so much in life, Caribou felt it was time for a change and their ad agency, Colle+McVoy, went to work on an extension of the previous slogan which serves to reinforce the brands core focus.   The forthcoming campaigns enhance the message by adding the phrase " Life is more than coffee, That's why there is coffee" to their media. While I completely disagree with the premise that we live for more than our coffee and that it is merely our guilty pleasure of a life aid, I applaud the updated media style.  We are going to see images which scream to be pinned, 3 D billboards like the one shown here and short videos which will make us all assume we are much hipper than we really are as we get up an hour earlier to pop in our Caribou K Cups. New Caribou Coffee Cups

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