Celebrate Oscars 2017 with K-Cup Pods!

Feb 24 2017

Hollywood's biggest night is this Sunday, and we are excited for all the glitz and glamour! All the movies nominated were fantastic this year. If you are anything like us you will be watching to see who wins the big awards.  Here at Tiki Hut Coffee we are going to celebrate with coffee, because is there any other way to celebrate? Below are Oscars top movies nominated. Read on to see if any of your favorite movies are listed and what K-Cup Pod you should drink to celebrate.

La La Land is this year's top favorite to win almost every award.  So far in every award ceremony it has picked up numerous accolades. This musical is the perfect love letter to Los Angeles and following your dreams. If this was your favorite movie you might enjoy Lipton Classic Unsweetened Ice Tea. Los Angeles has perfect, warm weather all year. So relax and dream on with refreshing Liption Iced Tea K-Cup Pods.

Fences is about an African American man, Troy Maxson. He is a sanitation worker who once had big dreams of having a successful baseball career and to play in the major leagues. Unfortunately, he is too old when the major leagues begin admitting African American players. The movie is about Troy trying to have a good life, be a good husband and father, all the while his lost dream starts to affect his life and those around him. If you are a fan of this gripping movie you should try Newman's Own Special Blend K-Cup Pods. This blend is a full-bodied coffee and one of a kind. Just like Troy Maxson who is a one of a kind man.

Arrival is what happens when alien spacecrafts land on earth and a linguist is brought to investigate these mysterious visitors.  A bold movie with a great premise that will keep you enthralled to the very end. A movie like this needs an exciting flavor to go with it. Try Coffee Peoples Jet Fuel K-Cup Pods. This coffee is not for the faint of heart and only the courageous of coffee lovers will enjoy it.  Courageous and bold, just like the main character.

Lion is a dramatic movie about a little boy, Saroo, from India, who gets lost on a train that carries him miles away from his family. Eventually he is adopted by an Australian Couple. The movie takes off with  Saroo, all grown up trying to find his way back to his family in India. If this was your favorite film of the year you might enjoy Caribou Mahogany Blend K-Cup Pods.  This blend is all about blending flavors and spices from exotic locations.

Manchester By The Sea is about a Boston man who is named the guardian of his 16-year-old nephew, after the death of his brother. A moving tale about confronting your past and loving others. This is another film that won many awards this season. If this was your favorite movie, you might enjoy Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend K-Cup Pods.

Hidden Figures is an inspiring true story of Katherine G Johnson, Dororthy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. All were brilliant women working at NASA in 1961, who were the driving force to launch astronaut, John Gleen, into orbit. If you loved this movie you will enjoy The Original Donut Shop Extra Bold K-Cup Pods.  A classic bold coffee for a movie that is an awe inspiring tale.


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