Don't Get Depresso, You Can Make Your Own Affogato!

Mar 07 2017

The major news last month was that Starbucks was releasing affogato, which is an Italian style dessert. The world collectively jumped for joy. If you don't know what affogato is, it is a scoop of ice cream that you pour a shot of hot espresso over.  Delicious? Yes! There is just one problem.

Unfortunately, Starbucks is only releasing their take on affogato to certain stores.  10 Reserve coffee bars in D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Maryland and Boston, and 100 Starbucks stores in the Orange County, California, area.  The good news is that you can make this decadent coffee dessert at the convenience of your own home.  All you need is your Keurig machine and your favorite dark roast K-Cup Pods.  (If you don't like dark roast, you can use any of your favorite K-Cup Pods.)

The best K-Cup Pod for this dessert, is Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style, but again you can use whatever you want.  The other supplies you need are just two cups, vanilla ice cream, and your Keurig Machine. After that you are ready to make this Italian dessert! It is so easy and you'll feel like you are in a cafe somewhere in Italy.  

Here are the directions:

1) Scoop your favorite vanilla ice cream into a cup.
2) Choose your K-Cup Pod and brew about 4oz into a separate cup. You want 4oz so it is most like an espresso shot.
3) Pour your coffee over your ice cream
4) Enjoy!

We hope you have fun and enjoy your own take at affogato. If you need any supplies just head over to

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