Everything You Need to Know About Making the Healthiest, Most Flavorful Cup of Coffee

Dec 27 2016 Tags: brewers, coffee, whole bean coffee

Contrary to popular belief, using “hard” water for your coffee is actually more beneficial than using clean water. The healthy and flavorful components are more susceptible to hanging on to the hard water, a recent study shows.

When it comes to grinding and brewing your coffee, the more pulverized the coffee beans, the most you will get out of them. For brewing, three elements are crucial: pressure, time, and turbulence during the extraction.

For a quick, convenient and tasty cup of coffee, consider an Keurig brewer. When choosing beans, go for quantity over quality to get the most caffeine. With a regular coffee maker, the last drips had the most caffeine and chlorogenic acids, which means longer seeping times gives you the most bang for your coffee buck.

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