Exclusive Seasonal Coffee Blends

Dec 28 2016

Finally, the warmer weather has arrived! This season beckons warm sunny rays, tropical breezes, and the sweet smell of coconut wafting through the air. It is no wonder why gourmet coffee companies felt inspired to create coffee blends that reflect this exquisite time of year. Here are just a few superb coffee blends you can enjoy this summer.

Green Mountain Island Coconut is a seasonal coffee favorite! With one sip of this magnificent flavored coffee, you will find yourself transported to your own tropical paradise. The rich, creamy coconut flavor is carefully balanced with Green Mountain’s light roasted signature coffee to create a winning combination of smooth and enjoyable flavor. As if this seasonal coffee was not already ideal enough, Green Mountain Island Coconut blend is available in K-Cups, which are compatible with your Keurig brewing system.

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend is not a seasonal coffee, but it made the list for an exceptional coffee that embodies the splendid taste of the season. This blend features delicately roasted Hawaiian coffee beans that have extracted the full potential of its flavor. The volcanic-rich soil is responsible for giving Tully’s Hawaiian Blend coffee its well-balanced flavor and bright floral notes. The best part is Tully’s Hawaiian Blend is also available in K-cups for easy brewing. This summer, say “Aloha” to a splendid cup o’ Joe with Tully’s Hawaiian Blend.

Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaican Me Crazy flavored coffee has all the flavors of a tropical oasis! Wolfgang Puck took the time to recreate the essence of the islands by combining flavors such as caramel, coconut and vanilla bean with medium roast coffee. Along with rich and well-balanced flavors, Jamaican Me Crazy also comes in K-Cups for quick and easy brewing with any Keurig brewing system.

If you are looking for a wonderful seasonal coffee to welcome the warm weather, Tiki Hut Coffee proudly carries all the coffees mentioned above. Each of these blends possesses a wonderful interpretation of the season. So, this summer, add these seasonal coffee favorites to your must-have gourmet coffee list.

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