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Sometimes we fall in love with products and aren't fully aware of the origins or values of the company behind them. Sometimes the product goes by a name that doesn't reflect the name of the company that makes it, and the consumer has no idea where it is coming from. For many people, Flavia® Coffee can be one of those companies. Flavia® is a coffee company that is owned by Mars Inc., a company much more well-known for its chocolate. You might think of the Mars Milky Way, the Snickers bar or M&M's. Mars Inc. is actually involved in developing a variety of products other than just candy. The company sells coffee, food, drinks and even pet food! Let's back track a little and see when and how this company got started.

History of Mars, Inc.

In the year 1882, Frank C. Mars was born in Hancock, Minnesota. As a youngster, he was sickly so his mother, Alva, taught him lessons at home and taught him how to hand dip chocolate. Mars capitalized on his knowledge of chocolate and between the years 1902 to 1911 he got married, had a child and was making and selling candy from his kitchen. From then on, Mr. Mars' business kept growing. His son, Forrest Edward Mars, Sr. eventually entered the family business. His business grew not only in the U.S., but internationally. In 1932, Forrest E. Mars, Sr. moved to the U.K. to fulfill his dream of building a business that created a “mutuality of benefits for all stakeholders.” This continues to be an objective which serves as the foundation of the Mars company to this day. On April 8, 1934, Frank C. Mars died. Even after his death, the company continued to expand and grow. The Mars Company continued to diversify their chocolate selection, then branch out to food and then drinks. In 1955, Mars started its quest to provide drinks to offices and businesses around the world. The first Flavia® single serve beverage was launched in 1981. By 1983, Mars Inc. launched the FLAVIA® Freshbrew system, which allowed people to prepare hot drinks using fresh ground coffee and teas from a single portion pack. A couple of years later, the company introduced the FLAVIA® Wellbeing range, which was introduced to restore natural balance and featured caffeine-free herbal teas such as Lemon Calm, Herb Red, Green Tea with Jasmine, and Exotic Chai. From 2005 to 2007, the in-home FLAVIA® system, FUSION® was launched, offering consumers the ability to enjoy delicious Flavia® drinks at home. The company also changed the name of their beverages to Mars Drinks and launched their Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. To date, Mars Drinks, which include Flavia® beverages, are made to conform to the highest standards. The Mars Company has made it their mission to provide opportunities for employment and ways to facilitate income for the countries that cultivate their coffees and teas. They are committed to supporting the farmers and to helping them develop sustainable farming methods. They strive to provide beverages to their consumers using sound practices in the communities in which they cultivate their food and drink products. It's because of these noble objectives and high standards that we can enjoy our Flavia® beverages with peace of mind. Flavia® coffees come from places like Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica and many more. 

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