Flavia Coffee Bundles at Tiki Hut Coffee

Dec 28 2016 Tags: Flavia

Are you looking to shake things up and add some variety to your favorite coffee mug this winter? Th en we have just the thing for you! Check out the gourmet coffee varieties in the Flavia Coffee Bundle!   This money-saving coffee offer resolves one the two biggest issues many coffee lovers face; adding variety to their daily cup, while trying to save money at the same time.   Here are brief, palate-teasing descriptions of each incredibly delicious blend offered in the Flavia Coffee Bundle.  

This Flavia Alterra Colombia is a well-balanced, medium roast gourmet coffee with a rich and nutty flavor. This coffee offers a smooth finish to please even the most finicky palate. This gourmet coffee is perfectly paired with your favorite breakfast food, and is also mellow enough to drink on its own, at any time of day.

Flavia Alterra Morning Blend offers a kiss of sunshine in each cup. This gourmet coffee emits a refreshing flavor that delicately dances on the palate. Plus, Flavia Alterra Morning Blend coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified.  

Flavia Alterra French Vanilla coffee is made for those who love a little extra flavor. Made from our medium-bodied roast and flavored with only the finest vanilla beans, our French Vanilla blend flavored coffee carries a smooth taste and lingers ever so gently on the palate. Perfect for any time of day or night, our French Vanilla Blend is one that pairs well with your favorite snack or completely on its own.  

Flavia Dove Hot Chocolate is filled with rich chocolate and offers just the perfect amount of sweetness. Dove Hot chocolate will bring you right back to childhood with the very first sip.  

Flavia Fabulous Froth is a star that makes the perfect latte or cappuccino. Say ‘so long’ to your barista. Flavia Fabulous Froth is the ideal companion for all of your gourmet coffee beverages. One serving of Fabulous Froth will transformed your coffee from average to extraordinary.  

The best part of the Flavia Bundle is that no matter which Flavia gourmet coffee you are in the mood for at any given time, you can find it here at Tiki Hut Coffee.

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