Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa - Gourmet Beverage

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Cocoa, Coffee 101, Ghirardelli

Behold: the only hot gourmet beverage that could steer even the most die-hard coffee drinker off course; gourmet hot cocoa on a frigid winter night. Let’s face it; who does not love the rich and creamy flavors of hot cocoa?   One dreamy sip and you are suddenly transported back to your childhood. So why not indulge in one of the finest hot cocoas on the market: Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa.   Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa offers a rich and decadent flavor, due to its unique blend of deep, dark cocoa beans. The splendidly luxurious flavor of this cocoa begins with cocoa beans from only the finest cocoa plant regions.

Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa is then blended with careful attention, utilizing only a limited amount of natural sugar and raw vanilla bean. This gourmet cocoa’s blend is scrupulously crafted, giving it an unmatched rich yet traditional flavor.   When it comes to finding the best hot cocoa to combat the cold wintery elements, more and more people are choosing Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa to fill their mugs and warm their hearts. Inside every pouch is a gourmet cocoa blend that evokes all the comforts of a child’s winter day – complete with school cancelled, snowmen to build, and hot cocoa to enjoy. So, we dare all the avid coffee drinkers to step away from their normal routine – their usual cup o’ joe - for this remarkable winter favorite.   Tiki Hut Coffee specializes in gourmet cocoa, as well as gourmet coffee and herbal tea. We carry a wide selection of all your favorite gourmet beverages, at rock-bottom prices. Experience those heartwarming winter moments with your family today, by selecting Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa. Visit Tiki Hut Coffee for an unbeatable offer on Ghirardelli Double Hot Cocoa

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