Introducing Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bag Cans

Dec 27 2016 Tags: cold brew, iced coffee

Tiki Hut Coffee is now carrying Grady’s Cold Brew, a New Orleans-style coffee concentrate brewed in Brooklyn, New York. Grady's renowned iced coffee concentrate has been featured in major publications like GQ and Bon Appétit magazine as well as on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Grady’s offers what they refer to as bean bags - decaf or regular - which are sold in bean bag cans at Tiki Hut Coffee for your convenience and brewing pleasure. Grady's makes their cold brew concentrate by soaking freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water and carefully removing the grounds with a two-step filtration process. The result is a bold, smooth liquid concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water and served over ice.

The bean bag cans contain single bags of coffee to brew in your office made with the same chicory and spices Grady’s Cold Brew uses to brew their signature New Orleans-Style concentrate. A can contains 12 servings of the delicious coffee.

Since Grady’s Cold Brew is pre-sweetened with chicory, it’s only 10 calories a cup and completely sugar-free. Now you can get tasty cold brew right in your home, whenever you want it for a price that's budget-friendly. After all, it's never too cold for a delicious cup of iced coffee! To purchase your very own Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bag Can at Tiki Hut Coffee, click here.

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