Great Savings with our Flavored K-Cup Bundle Coffee

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Coffee

Are you looking for flavored K-Cup coffees and having a difficult time choosing? Check out this money-saving idea with the Flavored K-Cup bundle! This discount gourmet coffee offer is one that solves the issue many coffee lovers face: adding variety and saving money while feeding their coffee habit. The Flavored K-Cup bundle offers a selection of your favorites including: Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice, Donut House Cinnamon Roll, Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee and Wolfgang Puck’s Crème Caramel. Here is a brief description of each incredibly delicious gourmet coffee offered in the Flavored K-Cup bundle. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Gourmet K-Cup Coffee offers a light roast pumpkin spice blend that is the perfect backdrop for the spicy and mellow flavors of fall to come delicately dancing in. Donut House Cinnamon Roll Gourmet K-Cup Coffee is a medium-bodied gourmet coffee that plays the perfect host to the slightly sweet cinnamon and buttery notes that await you. The fall flavors infused in Donut House Collection coffee make the ideal cup to accompany a nice hearty fall breakfast, or to be sipped on its own after a day spent in the crisp autumn air. Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee Gourmet K-Cup Coffee offers the very smooth and creamy taste of caramelized toffee. Not too sweet, and perfect accompaniment for a meal or all on its own, this classic medium roasted gourmet coffee offers the perfect balance between its dueling rich consistencies: buttery and sweet. Wolfgang Puck’s Crème Caramel Gourmet K-Cup Coffee has all the makings of a delicious vanilla-caramel ice cream sundae whose flavor will last throughout each sip. This medium roast gourmet coffee acts as the perfect backdrop to let the two stars of the show, vanilla and caramel to shine through. The best part of the Flavored K-Cup bundle is that no matter which flavored gourmet coffee you are in the mood for today, there is one that is perfect for you. Plus, the money-saving Flavored K-Cup bundle will save you over fourteen dollars on the gourmet coffees you love! Visit Tiki Hut Coffee  to save on your today!

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