Green Mountain’s Recyclable K-Cups Strive to Improve Our Impact on the World Around Us

Dec 27 2016 Tags: coffee, eco-friendly, Green Mountain, keurig k-cups

Keurig has launched new recyclable Green Mountain polypropylene K-Cup pods, starting in four coffee flavors with plans to expand to more. Their goal is to keep the great-tasting flavor loyal Green Mountain customers have come to know and love, while making the recycling process easy on everyone involved.

After years of testing different alternatives to the perfect recyclable K-Cup, Keurig is well on their way to contributing to a healthier and more prosperous future for our environment. They chose polypropylene K-Cups because the material is accepted in most communities in North America. Recycling is much more than passing your waste off to your local recycler; they then need to be able to recycle the K-Cups easily and efficiently. Keurig put their time and resources into testing thousands of used recyclable K-Cup pods at Material Recovery Facilities to make sure their cups would be sorted, recovered and ready for a new life. Their continued efforts are in partnership with the Closed Loop Fund, together offering the option of zero interest loans for investing in recycling infrastructure.

Keurig’s dedication to improving the world around us with their new Green Mountain recyclable K-Cups doesn’t stop there. They are committed to giving back to the ecosystem, so they have promised that for every Keurig beverage we as consumers consume, they will restore the same amount of water. Thanks to these efforts, they’ve restored over 524 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Delta. Their funding partnership with Raise the Riveralso results in 110,000 new trees being planted around the area, which has encouraged native wildlife to return.

In addition to clean water, Keurig is committed to improving the livelihoods of farmers. Through their efforts, 880 farmers have renovated their land and were able to rehabilitate their coffee trees.Moreover, through Keurig’s partnership with Root Capital, coffee farmers are now getting the resources they need to sustain their land. Steps towards this goal include giving them financial resources and the right advice.

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