Happy Cinco De Mayo! - Best Coffee's To Celebrate and Help You Cure Your Hangover

May 05 2017 Tags: cafe bustelo, cafe domingo, coffee, flavored coffee, Timothy's, van houtte

It is May 5th, and that means it is Cinco De Mayo! What a great way to end a busy work week. Just like any other holiday here at Tiki Hut Coffee we like to celebrate with a nice cup of joe. You can also use coffee to help you recover from all the fun you might have tonight celebrating. Below is a list of our favorite K-Cup Pods that will help cure your hangover and celebrate Cinco De Mayo at the same time.

1) Timothy's Kahlua Original K-Cup Pod

Ever here of the saying,"hair of the dog"? This K-Cup Pod is perfect for that.  You will love all the delicious notes of rum, vanilla, and caramel!


2) Van Houtte Costa Rica Fair Trade K-Cup Pod

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this coffee. It has a subtle honey taste but still results in a strong cup of coffee to help you in the morning.


3) Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style K-Cup Pod

If you need help getting back to your normal self in the morning, then this is the coffee for you. This espresso-style K-Cup Pod is full-bodied with a rich aroma.


4) Peet's Cafe Domingo K-Cup Pod

Peet's Cafe Domingo is the perfect coffee to stay in bed and relax with. Enjoy this smooth and balanced medium roast.


5) Van Houtte Mexico Fair Trade Organic K-Cup Pod

Not only is this coffee delicious but it has a great aroma too. Enjoy Mexico Fair Trade Organic, with its round body and slightly bitter touch. A well balanced coffee to help you get back on your feet!


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