Hot Cocoa

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Coffee

Even the biggest coffee fanatic would agree that there is something about hot cocoa during the winter months that offers a warm comfort. With one sip, it will bring pleasant memories of childhood rushing back at a moment’s notice. As soon as the cooler weather begins to make its way across the country, coffee suppliers begin to notice a spike in their hot cocoa sales. One thing that is undeniable: gourmet hot cocoa is the most sought-after seasonal beverage of the year. When it comes to finding the right hot cocoa for you, this could be a hard decision, albeit a fun one. After all, the only way to truly know which company offers the perfect balance of flavor to suit your liking is to try each and every one. For a moment, let’s take a quick glance at some of the most well-known hot cocoa makers and their products.

Café Escapes hot cocoa offers a delicious milk chocolate hot cocoa that offers a mildly sweet and creamy finish. Just as well, Ghirardelli hot cocoa offers a rich and indulgent flavor due to its blend of deep, dark cocoa beans. For those seeking a timeless hot cocoa flavor that we all grew up on and love, there is Swiss Miss hot cocoa that offers the perfect balance of creamy and slightly sweet milk chocolate with an indulgent flavor of darker cocoa beans to create a smooth finish that lingers on the palate. If you are looking to broaden your seasonal beverage horizons, try one of our many delicious hot cocoas. Tiki Hut Coffee carries a large selection of seasonal beverages such as ciders, teas and specialty coffees and hot cocoas. Browse our online selection, and find your favorite hot cocoas today!

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