Hyperchiller-Your Iced Coffee Prayers Have Been Answered!

May 01 2017 Tags: coffee, coffee gadget, iced coffee, single cup brewers

Tiki Hut Coffee is introducing a cool new coffee gadget that is not only helpful, but perfect for those warmer days ahead. The product is called Hyperchiller and it is here to solve our coffee problems.

If you are an iced coffee lover this product is for you. A lot of the times when you want to make iced coffee for yourself at home it can be a tedious task.  You have to brew your hot coffee and wait for it to cool. Even putting ice cubes to chill your hot coffee will only water it down.  For those cold brew fans they know that process can turn into a whole day event.  Hyperchiller is here to help prevent all these problems and to ensure that you have the perfect cup of iced coffee.  All in one minute! Hyperchiller can chill 8 oz of freshly  brewed hot coffee in a minute; if you want your coffee to be ICE cold you can leave it for an extra 30 seconds to a minute.  

 The process is simple: brew, chill, and pour. Hyperchiller's patent pending multi-chamber design keeps the coffee and ice separated with two layers of food grade stainless steel.  Coffee never touches ice and the layers of food grade stainless steel act as the cooling surface. In order for Hyperchiller to work you must freeze it for 12+ hours for the best results. After refreezing you see optimal results after 6 hours. It can last up to two cycles of coffee. The second cycle will take up to 2 minutes.  After the second time you need to refreeze again.

Hyperchiller is compatible with all brewing methods and even fits directly into most single cup brewers. This product is a perfect accessory for summer days. It can save you money and time. No more waiting on long cafe lines while on your way to work.  Get your Hyperchiller now!



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