Latest Coffee Trend: Egg Yolk Cappuccino

Jan 02 2018

Would you drink an egg yolk cappuccino? A traditional Korean espresso drink has made its way into the U.S., and Americans seem to be split in their opinions on it. Ever since the unique cappuccino surfaced on the internet, curious coffee lovers have been sharing their thoughts about it on Twitter. One user pointed out it’s a drink offered in Italy as well.

Let’s break down how the coffee is made. A hot egg yolk is added to espresso and whisked together, topped with whipped heavy cream and a dash of cocoa powder. At first glance, it looks like a regular cappuccino, but the raw egg yolk component is causing some people to have reservations about this drink.

The mixed reactions are expected, considering it’s not your ordinary cappuccino. If you’d rather stick to regular coffee, Tiki Hut Coffee has you covered with a wide selection of K-Cups, Flavia, or Ground/Whole Bean coffee. Visit our online store today!

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