Peet's Coffee is Now Available for Flavia Brewers!

Dec 28 2016 Tags: Flavia

The bar has been risen in the world of gourmet coffee production with the recent merger of Peets and Flavia.  Providers of specialty coffees individually, these two premium brands combine to offer variety to the Java lover with discerning taste. Peets Coffee by Flavia offers three most popular blends that are detailed below.

Colombia Luminosa - light, "bright" roast from Columbia is balanced by a mild, smooth Ethiopian coffee, adding just the right combination of sweet aroma and smooth texture to your morning gourmet coffee experience.

Cafe Domingo - this medium roast specialty coffee blend is crafted from 3 Latin American coffees and savored by those who appreciate hints of toffee sweetness with a smooth, crisp finish.

French Roast - a potent taste in your cup of coffee, this darkest roast version of specialty coffee is designed to be intensely bold and flavorful with a definitive smoky essence and a pleasing aftertaste.  The high altitude growing regions of Latin America produce top-quality Arabica coffee for this roast, resulting in a superior quality gourmet coffee.

Take advantage of this Peets Coffee by Flavia partnership, brand new to the market for a rich, flavorful, upscale addition to your morning beverage needs by ordering the above three selections plus other favorite gourmet coffee blends from Tiki Hut Coffee.

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