Save and stock up like it's a Thursday--on Tuesday!

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Coffee

We LITERALLY can’t wait for Thursday and our weekly coffee sale! So we’re offering the sale two days earlier than usual this week! That’s right—for this week only, Tuesday is the big day at THC! We’re offering 8% off your ENTIRE order all day today. Simply enter 2SDAY at checkout to get your savings. As always, no restrictions apply, so buy as much or as little of our coffee, tea and hot chocolate K-Cups as you’d like! Best of all, by shopping with us today, you might end up winning even more K-Cups. All those who make a purchase today will be automatically entered to win one of SIX baskets overflowing with the best K-Cups anywhere! (And you don't even have to make a purchase to qualify for the contest—details here!)


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