Spring Cleaning With Your Keurig Machine! Perfect To Do This Weekend!

Apr 07 2017 Tags: DIY, K-Cup Pods

Spring is finally here and that is usually the time when people do some spring cleaning. What seems to be neglected though are Keurig machines. Did you know that your Keurig can be a prime spot for bacteria and mold to grow?  Here are some steps you can take to clean your Keurig,

Tiki Hut Coffee offers Urnex CleanCup. These pods were created to keep your Keurig machine clean so that you get the optimum flavor from your coffee and tea. All you have to do is place the pod in the K-Cup dispenser and brew two cycles. After the two cycles, remove the pod and then run through another cycle. Simple and easy! It is important to note that these pods do not work with the Keurig 2.0 brewer machines.

If you would prefer to clean your Keurig DIY style, here are the steps that you need to follow. What you first need to do is unplug your machine and remove the water reservoir and lid, mug stand, and the K-Cup Pod holder. Wash all of these pieces separately.  Next, wipe down the surface of the machine and the area where you place the K-Cup Pod in. A lot of residue from the coffee and tea collects there. Return all of the parts back.

After you complete all of these steps you can descale your machine. Descaling is an important part of cleaning your Keurig Brewer. It is actually recommended that you descale your brewer at least every 3-6 months. It removes any build up and prevents it from happening inside your brewer over time.  Your own mix can consist of equal parts white vinegar and water to fill up the water reservoir. You will start a brew cycle and repeat until the reservoir is empty. Finally, you repeat the process with plain water to remove the vinegar taste. 

Have fun spring cleaning!


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