The K-Cup Concept

Jan 09 2017

K-Cup ConceptFor years, coffee enthusiasts have sought after the perfect cup; they have exhausted themselves by using different brewing techniques and all sorts of brewing systems. But, this was only half of the challenge for coffee buffs; let’s not forget that finding the perfect blend that suits someone’s own personal taste is equally as frustrating as trying to perfect the art of brewing it perfectly. Not to mention the fact that gourmet coffee by the pound is never cheap, and by having to purchase it in such a large quantity, it makes it very costly to purchase more than one blend at a time. In 1990, Peter Dragone and John Sylvan would change the way coffee lovers enjoyed their favorite cup o’ joe forever. Their concept was simple; they wanted to offer a coffee brewing system that would allow people to make the perfect cup of coffee each and every time, and to offer people a variety of blends to choose from. From this collaboration, the Keurig K-Cup , a legend, was born! Little did Dragone and Sylvan know, but they had altered the way people would brew coffee in their homes for decades to come by designing a machine that both perfected the technique of brewing gourmet coffee and offered variety to the consumer on a cup-to-cup basis. The Keurig brewing system is easy to use: simply fill the water reservoir and place the desired variety K-Cup coffees into place, one at a time, for each cup of coffee desired. Then select the desired cup size, and literally the machine does the rest. Based on the cup size chosen, the Keurig then measures the exact amount of water to dispense. Making the perfect cup of K-cup coffee’s never been so easy! Not sure what blend you’re in the mood for? No problem! The K-Cup concept allows you to choose from an affordable variety of your favorite K-cup coffees from popular roasters such as: Green Mountain, Emeril’s, Wolfgang Puck, Starbuck, Barista Prima and many others. This way you decide what blend or roast best suits your mood. The Keurig single brewing system has paved the way for many single brewing companies through their innovative design and overall concept, to bring variety to even the most finicky of coffee-drinking palates. The K-cup concept has brought the freedom to choose and gourmet coffee preparation technique out of the cafés and into the homes of millions of Americans; it is no wonder why so many people trust their coffee to Keurig brewing machines.
K-Cup Concept

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