The Story Of Gloria Jean's K Cups

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The Gloria Jean's Coffee Story

Gloria Jean's Coffee is quickly becoming one of the most well known and popular brands in coffee the market. Why is it so popular, you may ask? Gloria Jean's Coffee has been providing excellent specialty-flavored whole bean coffees for over 29 years. Now, that same great Gloria Jean taste comes in K-Cups, as well. Back in 1979, a couple named Ed and Gloria Jean Kvetko bought a small gift shop in a little town north of Chicago, Illinois. In this shop, they sold their yummy gourmet coffees. Soon thereafter, they had a following of people who wanted more and more of their amazing coffee, and who would travel from miles away just to get it. Since there was such a high demand, naturally the popularity of Gloria Jean's Coffee increased, and soon the couple began franchising their coffee. Throughout the 1980s, it became available in more and more Chicago markets, bringing those who loved coffee as much as the Kvetkos did an unbelievable variety of flavors and roasts to choose from. Today, Gloria Jean's has grown to be one of the largest mall-based retailers of specialty coffees in North America. From day one, Gloria Jean's has been committed to providing a selection of quality gourmet coffees that people have grown to love. The coffee beans are carefully harvested, roasted and packaged to maintain freshness from the moment they are picked to the moment they're brewed. Gloria Jean's high standards throughout the coffee production process ensure that their coffee is the finest you can buy.


Types of Gloria Jean's Coffee

When you enter any Gloria Jean's Coffee shop you will be overwhelmed by the many roast varieties and flavors they offer. Plus, Gloria Jean's uses only the highest quality Arabica beans. Gloria Jean's breaks down their coffee appreciation into four categories. They are:



Acidity in coffee brings a pleasant liveliness, sparkle, or snap to the drink that is experienced around the edges of the tongue and towards the back of the mouth. The acidity of a coffee may be assessed as lively, moderate, flat, or dull.


The aroma refers to that pleasant smell that stands out while brewing the coffee. You get inspired or moved simply by inhaling the very essence of the coffee in the air.


The body of a coffee is its mouth feel. The impression of lightness or the weight that the coffee exhibits is a part of the coffee drinking experience. The coffees can range from a full body, medium body, medium-light body, medium-full body, and so on.


Who can forget the taste of the coffee? This is one of the most important aspects of a great cup of coffee. Taste experiences with coffee can range from straight to rich and complex. Coffee lovers look for specific taste elements described as winey, earthy, sweet, nutty, smoky, or spicy. These qualities can be found in flavors such as Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee, French Vanilla Supreme, Hazelnut, and Mudslide flavored coffees. In the end, it all depends on your particular preferences, but Gloria Jean's coffee makes so many coffee varieties that it could take quite a while to try them all. They are conveniently sold as whole coffee beans, ground coffee and even the new Gloria Jeans K cups. It's definitely time to check out the coffees everyone is raving about!

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