The US Has Become Cold Brew Coffee Obsessed

Oct 24 2017 Tags: coffee, cold brew

Here at Tiki Hut Coffee we believe cold brew coffee is always in season, but of course it’s at its most popular when the weather is warmer. Iced coffee season starts once the thought of a hot cup of coffee is almost inconceivable, especially knowing there’s a refreshing cup of iced coffee waiting to be brewed just for you. Every year, the demand for cold brew coffee gets greater, keeping coffee shops and online coffee services like Tiki Hut Coffee on their toes!

Iced coffee has changed the coffee business for the better, and has made the United States cold brew coffee obsessed. Historically, coffee sales would decline in the summer months and peak during the winter. However, the creation of cold brew coffee has changed the game. Around 2015, cold brew coffee broke out of its niche market and went nationwide thanks to Starbucks. It’s now sold at over 13,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S., which has introduced this delicious drink to the mainstream.

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot coffee, which many people prefer. Some coffee lovers, however, argue the absence of acidity defeats the purpose of a truly great cup of coffee. It does come down to preference, but there’s no arguing the popularity of cold brew.

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