There's nothing like a Flavia Fabulous Froth!

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Coffee, Flavia, Flavia Alterra Coffee, Flavia Coffee

Flavia Fabulous Froth We’re big fans of writing about filter packs from Flavia—especially Flavia’s Fabulous Froths! (OK, we admit it, we also love Flavia because we’re big fans of awesome alliteration) Even without the added benefit of alliteration, though, we’re proud to carry Flavia Fabulous Froth Original at Tiki Hut Coffee! These Flavia products are a perfect addition to the pantry of any coffee lover. Whether you purchase the original Fabulous Froth or prefer the new Fabulous Froth Mocha, whatever you choose will make your latte or cappuccino even livelier and tastier than usual! But don’t wait! These Flavia Fabulous Froths are guaranteed to be swift sellers, so make sure you aren’t left out in the cold by visiting today and making your order!

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