Two Leaves and a Bud Herbal Tea at Tiki Hut Coffee

Dec 28 2016

We are excited to inform our customers about Two Leaves and a Bud herbal teas as part of our vast selection of hot beverages.  Fans of organic products will appreciate the choices we offer in our specialty tea line.  A few items are described below.

Organic Chamomile:  The one ingredient this tea contains is the organic chamomile flower from Egypt. Folklore indicates this herbal tea with its flowery aroma was used to soothe babies and as a sleep aid. Today, this specialty tea upholds its medicinal reputation but may also be enjoyed at breakfast by herbal tea lovers, along with a slice of buttered whole grain toast, as a start to their busy day.

Organic Peppermint:  Two Leaves and a Bud herbal teas has come up with another delightful blend using peppermint from Eastern Washington State. This invigorating specialty tea is known to calm the digestive tract, providing good karma.  Have yourself a chocolate granola bar with this herbal tea and you will appreciate the treat!

Organic Better Belly Blend:  a favored specialty tea in the Two Leaves and a Bud collection, Better Belly will have you savoring the aroma even before your lips touch this calming beverage.  With its blend of fennel, ginger, anise, mint and caraway, your tummy will say ahhh after consuming this after dinner herbal tea.

We also have several inventive blends of other ingredients from fruit to herbs, in the Two Leaves and a Bud Herbal Teas line, offering whatever fruity, invigorating or relaxing cup of tea you desire. And all of these organic herbals are 100% caffeine free.  Contact Tiki Hut Coffee today and order from our variety of special teas  and other beverages.

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