Use Coffee Grounds to Salt Snowy Walkways this Winter

Dec 27 2016 Tags: coffee hacks, DIY

As if you need an excuse to drink more coffee purchased from Tiki Hut, a practical usage of coffee beans has come about that can improve your life during the snowy months of winter.

Replicate the exact routine you would with the salt, by pouring some coffee grounds along the path or walkway where you want to prevent falls and voila! a slip-free walkway.

There are a few reasons the coffee grounds are effective in making the entrance to your home safer; one of them being the grounds give you extra traction to combat the slippery ice. Also, the acid will melt the ice faster so you won’t even have to worry about slipping and falling in the first place.

All of us who enjoy coffee and can’t help put groan when trying to get out of the door in the morning for fear of slipping down the driveway can thank PureWow for bringing this trick to our attention.

So don’t feel guilty about buying more coffee from Tiki Hut, think of it as pulling double duty as a way to get your caffeine fix and as being a preventative measure this winter!

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