What's The Deal With Coffee At Work?

Jan 09 2017 Tags: Coffee

Coffee At WorkHere at Tiki Hut we are reminded every day how much people love their coffee, but we wanted to find out more about why.  It struck me when I heard on the news that the Cardinals are taking a daily coffee break to mix and mingle while they try and figure out who will be the next Pope. So is coffee just a social thing?  It can't be.  While the Cardinals may be hard at work socializing, we know that coffee actually makes life easier when the rest of us are really hard at work. We know through medical studies that caffeine intake before the onset of office work such as sitting, typing on the computer or holding the phone serves to decrease the amount of pain workers feel while doing these things. And speaking of caffeine, we all know it makes you more alert and that's why it's readily available in the workplace but did you know that just smelling coffee can trick the brain of coffee drinkers into believing they are more alert and energetic.  So if you're trying to cut down on your intake, you may want to try working in a coffee shop when you are feeling tired. However, while caffeine gives us the jumpstart many of need to get going, it has been shown to make a stressful situation even more stressful.  Caffeine has a powerful effect in our system and there's a time and place to self induce  a case of the jitters. In fact, during the traditional 9 to 5 workday, statistics show that just before 2pm is the best time to rejuvenate with a cup of coffee.   Workers show increased productivity in the afternoon if they have an after lunch coffee break and employers have understood for over a hundred years.   So while you might think taking a break is just what you need to make it until checkout time, your boss probably has a different perspective. So no matter how you enjoy your coffee at work, the important thing to understand is just to take a break and partake.  It will ease your minor ache's and pains, spur creativity and get you over that mid day hump!

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