Starbucks Caffe Verona 2.5oz Bags

Gourmet Coffee - Starbucks Caffe Verona 2.5oz Bags

Brand: Starbucks

18 Portion Packs/Case. Originally Starbucks blended Caffe Verona for a Seattle restaurant as the ideal after-dinner coffee. The crisp acidity of the medium-bodied Latin American coffees is grounded with the earthy flavor of the Indonesian coffees. A sweetness gilds the coffee's slight smokiness creating a deep, rich dessert coffee. Each convenient portion pack is pre-measured to brew one pot of coffee, approximately 50-64 ounces depending on the desired strength. One portion pack is filled with 2.5-oz. of ground Caffe Verona coffee. There are eighteen (18) portion packs/Box.

  • $ 41.95

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