Flavia 101

What is Flavia?

Flavia is a hot beverage system that prepares single servings of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. You can enjoy brands such as The Bright Tea Co., Peets Coffee, Starbucks, Dove, and Alterra. Every cup brewed will give you real, fresh coffee. To see what products we offer click here.

Where does the name Flavia come from?

The name Flavia is deeply rooted in Roman history. It means "golden, blonde."

Are the products for Flavia called Pods, K-Cups, or instant coffee?

Flavia packets are called FLAVIA Fresh Packs. Every time you insert one into a Flavia machine you get real, fresh coffee. It is far from instant coffee. Pods are meant for single serve coffee in a filter bag. K-Cups are specifically for the Keurig machine.

How are Mars Drinks and Flavia connected?

The brand is owned by Mars Drinks, a division of Mars incorporated. Mars was founded more than 100 years ago by Frank C. Mars, who started off by making candy. It was his son, Forrest, who made the company that it is today. He did this by first creating the Milky Way Bar and then expanding the business overseas. Eventually Mars Inc. started growing their business into other categories like food and pet care. Overtime, the company has grown into different business like Petcare (Pedigree), Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks, and SymbioScience. The company has reached over billions of consumers and over $35 billion in global sales. Even with 80,000 associates in 78 countries, the Mars family has maintained its humble beginnings and has remained a private, family owned business.

How does the Flavia system work?

We will use coffee as an example. Each Alterra coffee fresh pack contains real ground coffee and an individual filter. The fresh pack is essentially a filter. The coffee is brewed similar to how you would make a pot of coffee in a traditional drip coffee maker. Once you insert the freshpack into the machine, a burst of air opens up the packet and hot water is injected into it. Your coffee is brewed and flows out of the bottom of the packet, through the embedded filter and into your cup. What is so great about the Flavia machine is that there is no contact between your beverage and the machine. Everything is brewed inside the packet.

Do I need a Flavia Brewer to make coffee, tea, and specialty drinks with Flavia Freshpacks?

Yes, you need a Flavia Brewer to make any of the Flavia Freshpacks. The freshpacks are designed specifically for the Flavia Brewer.

How does Flavia differ from Keurig?

Keurig has more than 250 flavors.  All their beverages come in K-Cup Pods, which are nitrogen flushed ground coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. K-Cup Pods only work for the Keurig machine. A lot more  Keurig machines are found in homes and offices than Flavia Brewers. K-Cup Pods are found in supermarkets all over the country.

Flavia focuses more on Corporate America. Their flavors are a little more limited than what Keurig offers. They offer real milk froth so that you can make your cappuccino or latte. Flavia also has two-pack drinks where you can brew special drinks with tea or coffee. You can experience and indulge in a lot of different flavors. They way coffee is packaged and brewed is also different. Each freshpack contains real ground coffee(tea/hot chocolate)  in an individual filter. The coffee is brewed similar to how you would make a pot of coffee in a traditional drip coffee maker. Your beverage never makes contact with the machine, preventing any cross contamination.

Is Flavia Dove Hot Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Yes it is Gluten-Free.