Flavia Shopping Guide

Flavia is an international coffee brand owned by Mars Drinks. Flavia is a hot beverage system that prepares single serve beverages like coffee, tea and specialty drinks we have come to love. Flavia coffee brewers provide only the highest-quality and freshest Alterra Coffee for a refreshing boost of energy at any point during your day.

Tiki Hut Coffee conveniently carries your favorite Flavia coffee, tea, hot cocoa and specialty drinks in popular brands like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee, TazoAlterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Co. Brew any of these Flavia blends in your Flavia single cup coffee brewer as the perfect accompaniment to your morning breakfast, lunch, or snack throughout the day.

The Flavia brewing system differentiates itself from other brewing systems like Keurig in that it brews the following hot beverages in single serve, foil-sealed ‘Fresh Packs,’ which serve as the brewing chamber themselves. Loyal Flavia customers love this design because it protects the Flavia coffee and teas from moisture and oxygen.

In 2010, Mars Drinks acquired Alterra Coffee Roasters and started offering Flavia Alterra branded products for use with their Flavia brewers.