Keurig 101

Who invented Keurig?

Keurig system was founded on the ideology that "why do we make an entire pot of coffee when we can drink only a cup at a time?"

Keurig is based and founded in the USA and was the original single-serve brewer and coffee-pod manufacturing company. Its headquarters are in Waterbury, Vermont and its founders are John Sylvan and Peter Dragone.  Keurig started in 1992 and it wasn't until 1998 that it launched its first brewers and K-Cup Pods. As it grew in popularity, brewers for the home were introduced in 2004.  What helped Keurig gain some steam was joining with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 1997. In 2006, Green Mountain had full acquisition of Keurig. This created a powerful company because it combined a highly technological brewing-machine manufacturer and a nationwide high-end coffee provider. The company exploded and in 2008 K-Cup pods became available for sale in supermarkets across the country.

There are over 500 different beverage varieties, 75 different brands, and 10 coffee brands that have a deal with Keurig.  Major brands that you can find with Keurig are Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Tully's Coffee, Timothy's World Coffee, Diedrich Coffee, Van Houtte, Snapple, Celestial, McCafe, Peets, Twinings, Lipton, Krispy Kreme, etc.   You can find a wide selection of K-Cup Pods right here on Click here to shop.

What is single-serve coffee?

Single-serve coffee is a method of preparing coffee that is just enough for a single portion. A perfect cup every time. This method of coffee brewing was made popular by the Keurig machine.

Is Keurig just for coffee?

No. In fact Keurig has teas, cocoas, lemonades, ciders, and fruit-based drinks.

What is a Keurig Machine?

A Keurig machine is designed to brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage that is in a "K-Cup Pod." The K-Cup Pods have coffee grounds, tea leaves, cocoa powder, fruit powder, etc. in them in a single-serve container. The Pod consists of a plastic cup, aluminum lid, and filter, and is sealed for freshness. Anything contained in the K-cup pod is in a paper filter. The way the machine brews is that it pierces the foil seal on the K-Cup Pod with a spray nozzle all the while piercing the bottom of the plastic pod with a discharge nozzle. Hot water is then forced under pressure through the K-Cup pod passing through the ground and through the filter.  Viola! You get a nice cup of coffee/tea, etc!

Is there a set temperature for brewing on the Keurig machine?

A brewing temperature of 192F (89c) is the default setting.

How many different Keurig Models are on the market?

Keurig has over 20 different models on the market for both house and commercial use.

What does Keurig even mean?

Keurig means excellence in Dutch. The name was chosen because they always hoped their machine would create an excellent cup of gourmet coffee.

Do I have to clean my machine?

Yes! It is recommended that you do a deep clean at least four times a year. Start by washing all the removable pieces. Next you should de-scale your machine or even use the Urnex K-Cup Pod to clean your Keurig. To find out more on how to clean your machine click here.

What is the difference between K-Cup Pods and Single Serve Pods?

There is a difference. A big difference in fact, and a lot of people like to interchange the two terms. It can be quite confusing.

K-Cup Pods are essentially small "cups" that are filled with whatever beverage you have chosen specifically for the Keurig brewer. Only K-Cup Pods will fit in a Keurig machine.

Single-Serve Pods are sealed inside of a filter and have a round, flat shape. They are filled with tea or coffee and used in pod brewers. Even though the method for brewing them is similar to how K-Cup Pods are brewed, they will not work in a Keurig machine.

What is the best way to store K-Cup Pods?

K-Cup Pods should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. A pantry, K-Cup carousel tower or drawer would work perfect. 

How long do K-Cups Pods last?

K-Cup Pods can last a year past their expiration date.  The flavor and quality will decrease over time though. The reason K-Cup Pods can last for a long time is because they are sealed and nitrogen flushed for freshness.

Can K-Cup Pods be used more than once?

Yes and no.  K-Cup Pods are meant to be used once and discarded. If you do use the same K-Cup Pod twice you will get a weak cup of coffee, almost water-like. Ultimately, it is up to you. If you are looking for reusable pods, Tiki Hut Coffee does sell the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. 

Are K-Cup Pods bad for the environment?

As of recently the company is taking steps forward to limit the negative impact K-Cup Pods have on the environment. The Pods were originally not recyclable or biodegradable. It was reported used K-Cup Pods could circle the earth 10 times.

Can you recycle K-Cup Pods?

The company recently introduced a few K-Cup Pods that are recyclable. The company plans to introduce a lot more to the market as they continue their journey to reduce their impact on the environment.

Are K-Cup Pods biodegradable?

See above.