Keurig Brewers 101

What is the best way to clean my brewer?

It is recommended that you do a deep clean at least four times a year. Start by washing all the removable pieces. Next you should de-scale your machine or use the Urnex K-Cup Pod to clean your Keurig. To find out more on how to clean your machine click here.

What type of water should I use in my brewer?

It is recommended that you use filtered water for your machine. This will not only brew great cup of coffee but help in the longevity of your Keurig machine. Distilled water is also another great choice to use to brew your coffee. 

Why do I keep getting coffee grinds in my cup and how do I fix it?

You are getting coffee grinds in your cup because coffee grounds gathered around the exit needle of your Keurig machine. To fix this issue you have to clean the needle. Start by removing and cleaning the exit needle according to your Keurig's instructions. Next you must perform a cleansing brew to see if any more grounds are coming out. Repeat this until there are no more grounds.

Does my Keurig brewer come with a warranty?

Yes, your brewer has a one year warranty.

Is my brewer broken if it’s not producing enough coffee for each size?

It could be a few problems if your Keurig isn't producing enough coffee.

First it might be the exit needle as previously discussed in another answer. The needle could be clogged and you will have to clean it.

Another problem is that it could be time to de-scale (clean your machine). Remember your brewer should be descaled at least four times a year. To read more how to do descale your machine click here.

It could be that the water reservoir was removed during previous brew processes. Just simply put the water reservoir back in place and perform a cleansing water brew.

Your machine might also just need more warm up time. Turn the power on/off

If the issue persists you will want to call Keurig Customer Service.

Why is my brewer telling me to add water when it’s full?

What you will want to do is refill the water reservoir to the max fill. Also remove and place the reservoir back to the unit to make sure it is placed properly. Press continue. If you followed all of these instructions and you are still getting that message, you have to remove the reservoir and clean it by hand. It is not dishwasher safe.  After cleaning it, redo the first steps again. After all is said and done and you still get this message, it is time to call Keurig customer service.

What are the dimensions of Keurig brewers?

That all depends on which Keurig brewer you are getting. They all vary in size.